An open source music DSP toolkit that supplies you with the fundamental building blocks for creating and enhancing audio engines on any platform.

It is the result of years of research, development, refinements, usage, and adaptation to different successful commercial projects. Brickworks distills much of such hard-earned experience into a reliable library of rock-solid and easy-to-use sound synthesis and effect algorithms.

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A new open source audio DSP programming language with an intuitive declarative syntax and an embeddable source-to-source compiler written in JavaScript with C, MATLAB, and JavaScript output targets.

The project is still in its early infancy, yet it can already naturally represent highly-coupled DSP structures.

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Turn your C64 into a wah effect.

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If you need support in developing DSP code for digital music products, whether hardware or software, ranging from simple audio effects to complex virtual instrument plugins, we are here to assist you.

Our founder and CEO has been serving some of the best companies in the market for years, as you can see on his portfolio website.

Here is what we offer.

Virtual analog

This is our main area of expertise.

We can measure, simulate, model, and implement emulations of entire analog and/or digital devices, whether synthesizers, effect pedals, or studio equipment.

You'll tell us how to balance accuracy, resource usage, and effort according to your specific project requirements.

Music DSP

We've also got you covered should your projects require expertise in other topics and techniques, including

  • bandlimited oscillators and anti-aliasing,
  • wavetable and granular synthesis,
  • FIR and IIR filters,
  • delay-based and modulation effects,
  • dynamic processors,
  • distortions and waveshapers,
  • sound extrapolation,
  • or resampling.

Other services

You can also ask us about related activities, such as

  • development of sound analysis and processing tools,
  • measurement and analysis of circuits, devices, and software,
  • independent revision of research, algorithms, software, and hardware products,
  • scientific research,
  • professional training,
  • and professional opinions.


Our daily activity is highly interdisciplinary and requires a wide knowledge in mathematics, physics, acoustics, electronics, digital signal processing, computer science, psychoacoustics, music theory, and music production.

We leverage scientific principles and state-of-the-art techniques in order to define, implement, and refine repeatable processes that yield solid results. At the same time we strive to flexibly adapt our methods to the peculiarities of each project.

We continuously collaborate with universities and companies worldwide and invest substantially in research to advance the knowledge in our field. Here is a selected list of scientific publications we have authored.


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Orastron is the music DSP company founded and directed by Stefano D'Angelo.

We are proud to create some of the finest algorithms in the market by combining cutting-edge scientific research and rigorous software development.


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If you want to know more, are curious about our work, have a question, request, or concern, feel free to get in touch with us. We're all ears!


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