Brickworks is currently in development. Check the ChangeLog and roadmap and follow us to keep updated.

Create awesome audio engines

Brickworks offers robustly-engineered sound synthesis and effect algorithms for your hardware devices, mobile apps, plugins, desktop applications, and web pages.


Speed up development

Employ immediately available code to reduce development time and cost.


Use everywhere

Achieve maximum reuse by relying on thouroughly-optimized plain C code with no external dependencies.


Use anytime

Apply the GPL v3 license for your F/OSS projects or get an unlimited commercial license for your proprietary products.



Access the examples, tutorials, and the technical documentation right from this website.



Follow the latest developments and get involved.



Need help? Maybe you want to offload development? We'd be glad to assist you with custom support.


Brickworks is a music DSP toolkit that supplies you with the fundamental building blocks for creating and enhancing audio engines on any platform.

It is the result of years of research, development, refinements, usage, and adaptation to different successful commercial projects. Indeed, our founder helps some of the top companies in the industry create award-winning products and is an active member of the global scientific community (check his personal website).

Brickworks distills much of such hard-earned experience into a reliable library of rock-solid and easy-to-use sound synthesis and effect algorithms.

Speed up development

Brickworks is designed first and foremost to speed up the most time-consuming parts of audio programming in order to save you and us time and money.

It essentially consists of a collection of fundamental sound synthesis and effect algorithms, namely:



  • phase generator
  • saw/pulse/triangle/sine oscillator waveshapers with antialiasing


  • white noise generator
  • ADSR envelope generator



  • saturation / waveshaper
  • distortion*
  • overdrive*
  • fuzz*


  • compressor / limiter
  • noise gate


  • chorus / vibrato / flanger
  • tremolo
  • phaser
  • multiplier / ring modulator


  • state variable filter
  • lowpass, bandpass, highpass, allpass, low shelf, high shelf, peak, and notch filters
  • multimode filters
  • wah


  • interpolated delay line
  • delay / comb filter
  • reverb*


  • bit depth reducer
  • sample rate reducer



  • fast math routines
  • pseudo-random number generators

Event processing

  • note on/off event queue*
  • voice allocator*


  • gain
  • loudness meter (peak)
  • panner
  • stereo balance
  • buffer utilities

Generic DSP

  • one-pole filter
  • slew-rate limiter
  • integer-ratio resampler
  • arbitrary-ratio resampler
  • envelope follower
  • pinking filter

* Not yet available, check the ChangeLog and roadmap.

Those modules typically comprise the cornerstone of a music DSP engine. Hence, programming audio engines will mostly reduce to defining modules, interconnections, and parameter mappings, leading to a workflow that resembles visual programming languages and modular synthesizers.

Furthremore, Brickworks is designed to maximize

Use everywhere

Brickworks runs unmodified on all today's platforms, ranging from cheap MCUs to web pages. This includes custom embedded systems, mobile and desktop operating systems, as well as WebAssembly.

It is written in plain C and it is possible to easily make it work even without the C standard library. It only requires:

Optional C++ wrappers will also be provided for your convenience.

Use anytime

Want to use Brickworks for a free software/open source project? That's awesome! You can just apply the terms of the GPL v3 license. If you want, feel free to let us know and maybe offer us a beer one day. ;-)

Want to release a proprietary product, instead? We've got you covered! We offer a commercial license that doesn't restrict usage with respect to time, projects, or developers involved. Check the details and pricing below.


API documentation

Here you can access the full API documentation.


You can find a number of examples and the instructions to build and run them in the examples folder in the official code repository.

They work and have been tested on all supported platforms (VST3, WebAudio/WebAssembly, and Daisy Seed board, so far).

Example effects

Example synthesizers


Tutorials will be available as soon as they are written.

ChangeLog and roadmap

You can follow the development on our community channels.


Our primary mission is assisting customers in creating and improving their own products.

We would be more than happy to help you, whether it is about a simple doubt clarification all the way up to designing and implementing new custom audio engines from scratch.

For any inquiry, please do not hesistate and …

Contact us

License and pricing

Brickworks is free and open source software released under the GPL v3 license. In a nutshell, you can use, modify, and redistribute it without asking for our permission as long as the same license conditions apply. Usage is permitted in any software that is itself released under a GPL-compatible license.

If you want to use it in a proprietary product instead, we can offer you a perpertual license with no restrictions with respect to the number of developers involved and the number of products you may use it for, and with multiple confidentiality options. You can check the full text of the license for details.

When the first stable version (version 1.0.0) will be released, the price of a commercial license will be 3,000 €, and it will cover all subsequent updates in the 1.x series.

In order to support our development effort, right now we offer a license that allows you to use both versions 0.x and 1.x as soon as they are relased for 2,000 € (this price will increase as we get closer to 1.0.0).

Want to buy a license or request further information? Please …

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