Clack.DIGITAL launched

Posted by Stefano at 06/05/2024, 14:30:28 UTC.

As it usually happens, we've been very busy lately. But less typically, we've been also busy launching a new brand of our own dedicated to the end users. So Clack.DIGITAL was born.

Eating our own dog food

Beyond the vision and the ideology that necessarily characterize the project, with Clack.DIGITAL we aim at demonstraing, testing and disseminating our own technology with real products on the market. This should hopefully facilitate the evaluation of our offer to new prospect clients.

Furthermore, it will not only be our B2C outlet, but also a source of revenue diversification for Orastron. Indeed, almost the entirety of our earnings comes from a handful of clients which demand a lot from us, so that working with one more or less client at any given time can easily get problematic. Having ourselves as clients should potentially solve at least one half of the problem.

Just Pedals

Just Pedals is our first product. It is a free minimalistic virtual pedalboard for iPad and iPhone, containing 16 virtual pedals.

As of today (version 1.0.1), all DSP algorithms are based on our Brickworks library. Most virtual pedals simply correspond to the examples in the official distribution, sometimes with minor adjustments to their ranges or with some gain staging. The rest were developed in rather obvious ways from the base modules.

The vast majority of the effort on our side was spent in UI/UX development, while the sound engine took me less than a week in total, from initial concept to final tuning. So far we have yet to receive a complaint sound-wise, but rather we had very flattering feedback especially on the overdrive and fuzz. Of course this makes us very happy both as Brickworks developers and users.