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Posted by Stefano at 25/05/2022, 13:46:38 UTC.

Hello and welcome!

This is Stefano writing, the founder and CEO of Orastron. I've been working with some of the top music tech companies worldwide for about 7 years now, and have been doing DSP programming for more than a decade at least — if you care about the details, you can check my personal website (which would need some updates as of today…)

I decided to start this blog to share news, stories, tips, and tricks, but also, and perhaps more importantly, to fuel some discussion with and between end users, industry, academia, and enthusiasts about anything music and/or tech.

There are already plenty of forums, social media groups, mailing lists, and whatnot, yet I believe these act mostly as echo chambers, leading to a series of undesirable consequences such as:

  • users being relatively uneducated, thus easily falling victim to the most vocal and muscular advertising campaigns;
  • companies wasting time and money into projects and technologies that make no technical or commercial sense;
  • academic research getting misdirected towards problems and objectives of little practical value.

The aim here is to mix and stir people and points of view instead. And, let's not be hyprocritical, also to promote Orastron's initiatives (as well as yours, if we think they're a good fit).

Speaking of which… we have quite some important news coming in the next days regarding things we are about to release (no spoiler). Therefore, I encourage you to bookmark this blog, subscribe to our freshly created newsletter, and follow us on social media (Linkedin, Facebook).