Heyo from Hamish

Started by harmonic_major, Jan 24, 2023, 12:45 AM


I'm Hamish, and I'm a composer/guitarist/synth addict from the US. I graduated from Oberlin College last year, BA in Computer Science and Musical Studies (basically informal TIMARA). My interests are rather scattered. Lately I've been trying to write music that sounds like Plantasia and working with old soundfonts to make dungeon synth. My biggest love in music is prog rock and anything adventurous.

I found out about this place just because I just casually looked up Stefano. One of my big projects in undergrad was a survey of Moog filter papers. It was made when I was a complete beginner to DSP and virtual analog stuff, so some of it went over my head. Stefano's Moog model was easily the most accurate and musical one (if a pre-lawsuit ARP 2600 filter is anything of a comparison), even in a rough Max/MSP gen~ implementation. In general, I love the sound of a good squelchy filter and finding ways to replicate those qualities digitally is fascinating.

I'm hopefully headed off to grad school for a master's in music technology next fall. In the meantime I'm designing the CD for my first album, soldering some Eurorack kits together, listening to countless albums with my friends, and trying to program and study on my own time. I've been reading and taking pedantic notes for The Art of VA Filter Design by Vadim Zavalishin. One of my big goals for this year is to start making audio and synthesizer plugins.

As for here, I think this could be a great place to learn more from people who have much more expertise than myself in DSP. I also hope in the future I'll be able to contribute or even collaborate. It would also be cool to hear about opportunities in audio/DSP programming.

Hamish Robb


Hello Hamish, welcome to the forum and thank you for the nice words!

Music (DSP) is multidisciplinary by nature, so I think that it's normal and healthy to have multiple interests. Indeed, most of the people I know who work professionally in the field do (or at least, the ones I tend to spend time with).
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