Hello from Geraint / Signalsmith

Started by Signalsmith, Jan 23, 2023, 03:29 PM


Hi folks!  I'm Geraint, or @Signalsmith online, and I run Signalsmith Audio.

My formal background is maths, but I've messed around with code and audio since primary school.  I don't currently use any Oraston libraries or languages, but I love to chat about DSP, and am always open to a new place for that to happen. 😄


Hi Geraint, I'm so glad you're here as well!

We also haven't used any of your libraries, but if they are as good as your ADC talk was we definitely should give them a try (plus, the overlap with what we're doing here is minimal at this point).

BTW, give us some time to recover from the effort of setting everything up and spreading the word, and you can bet we'll start posting DSP-related content on our blog and invite people to discuss on this forum.
Personal website: https://dangelo.audio/